About The Teachers 2017-2018


Les Elliot

Teacher: Les Elliot
Subject: Grade 1 English and Science
Email: Teacher Les

I started teaching 14 years ago in Chiang Mai. I like to spend most of spare time outside gardening and growing plants. When I'm not growing papayas, chillies, mushrooms and pumpkins, I like to keep up to date with sports which includes Chiang Mai FC & Notts County every other weekend.
Paul Bradley

Teacher: Paul Bradley
Subject: Grade 1 English and Math
Email: Teacher Paul

I have been teaching for 12 years in Chiang Mai. My interests include music, photography and tennis. In my spare time I like to write music and produce music.

Teacher: Judy Stonehouse
Subject: Grade 1 English and Math
Email: Teacher Judy

My name is Teacher Judy and I’m pleased to say that I have joined the ABS team as the grade 1C homeroom teacher.
Prior to moving to Thailand, I worked as a social support worker in the England. I have a first class honors degree in criminology, as well as a recognized qualification in teaching English as a foreign language. I very much look forward to meeting everyone and if you have any questions please feel free to voice them to me, I am happy to help.

Recent Picture- Steven Farmer

Teacher: Steven Farmer
Subject: Grade 1 International
Email: Teacher Steven

My name is Steven Farmer. I will be the International 1st grade teacher. I am from a place called Arkansas in the USA. I went to the University of Arkansas and received my B.A. in Social Work. I later went on to get my TESOL certification form TEFL International Campus in Phuket. I look forward to helping your students become the best they can be!
Roy Smith

Teacher: Roy Smith
Subject: Grade 2 Science
Email: Teacher Roy

I came to Thailand  years ago after graduating with a science degree. During the 8 years, I have been teaching English around Chiang Mai and will carry on enjoying teaching for the foreseeable future. My interests include walking, hiking, movies and spending time with the family. In my spare time I like to experience all the Thai food around the city.
James Canning

Teacher: James Canning
Subject: Grade 2 English
Email: Teacher James

I have been living in Thailand for years. I graduated from Sheffield University with a Bachelor degree in science. My interests include music, swimming, eating out and travelling. In my spare time, I enjoy reading and spending time with my family.

Teacher: Jennie Kim
Subject: Grade 2 Math
Email: Teacher Jennie

Hello! My name is Jennie! I am the Grade 2 Math teacher. I’m from Las Vegas, Nevada in the United States where I received my degree in Criminal Justice and I also attended Culinary School there. I love to cook, travel, learn about new cultures and I enjoy the outdoors. I am very excited to be here in Chiang Mai and to teach at ABS. I really look forward to this school year!
Constance McDaniel Professional Picture

Teacher: Constance McDaniel
Subject: Grade 3 English
Email: Teacher Constance

Hello! My name is T. Constance, I'm the grade 3 English teacher. I'm from the snowy state of Wisconsin in the United States and have a degree in Journalism. I love to hike, go swimming, lay on the beach, and travel! I am very excited to be living in Chiang Mai and to be teaching here.

Teacher: Mark Jones
Subject: Grade 3 Math
Email: Teacher Mark

Hi all, my name is Mark Jones and I come from England. In my spare time, I like to watch England play rugby and football. At the weekends I like to travel and explore the wonderful scenery around me and take in the amazing culture. I have been teaching for 10 years in Thailand and wish to do so for many years in the future.
Mike Fitzpatrick

Teacher: Michael Fitzpatrick
Subject: Grade 3 Science
Email: Teacher Michael

My name is Michael Fitzpatrick, and I am the grade 3 Science teacher. I come from Galway in the west of Ireland. I received my Bachelor of Science at the University of Derby. I have been fortunate enough to travel a lot and through my travels I have learned a wealth of knowledge and experience that I hope to pass on to my students. I first visited Thailand six years ago and fell in love with the culture, I relocated to Thailand in 2013 and started living in Chiang Mai. I have been a Teacher for 4 years and absolutely love my job and always try to make my class’s fun and educational.

I have a keen interest in Conor Mcgregor, sport and play football two or three times a week. I also play the guitar and hope to introduce it into my classes from time to time.

If you have questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at any time and I look forward to meeting all my students.

Teacher: Tyrone Bissell
Subject: Grade 4 Math
Email: Teacher Tyrone

My name is Tyrone. My background is in Computer Science with a focus on Data Analytics, and I have over 15 years experience as a Computer Software Engineer and Data Analyst. I have worked with Oil & Gas industry to improve employee safety through the use of predictive algorithms. My most loved hobbies are reading, programming and swimming. My goal is to instill a solid mathematical foundation for the students in primary level and to broaden their knowledge in both Health Education and Social Studies.

Teacher: David Yoon
Subject: Grade 4 Science
Email: Teacher David

Hello, my name is David Yoon and I am the grade 4 science teacher. I am from New York in the United States. I graduated from SUNY Binghamton with a degree in Psychology, with a focus on child development. I love to hike, travel, and eat! I have only been a Chiang Mai a short time but I quickly have fallen in love with the city, culture, and the people.

I am extremely excited about my time at ABS and I look forward to the wonderful school year ahead of us! If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at any time and I will be sure to get back to you as soon as I can!

Teacher: Buck Campbell
Subject: Grade 4 English
Email: Teacher Buck

Born and bred in New Zealand’s Kapiti Coast, I obtained my Bachelor of Arts degree at Victoria University of Wellington with a double major in History and Political Science before moving to Chiang Mai in March 2016. This is my second year at ABS. My personal teaching philosophy revolves around instilling intellectual curiosity and an appreciation for the creative sides of the English language. As the international teacher for Grade 4 I particularly enjoy teaching, and getting to know, students of different backgrounds. In my spare time I like to write, read and explore northern Thailand with friends.

Teacher: Danielle Diedrich
Subject: Grade 5 English
Email: Teacher Danielle

I'm originally from Chicago, IL in the US and graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in visual arts. I have experience teaching cooking and art techniques to children in summer camps. I am looking forward to building students' English skills in fun and creative ways!
Nic Hansen

Teacher: Nicholas Hansen
Subject: Grade 5 Math
Email: Teacher Nicholas

I am Nicholas Hansen, grade 5 math teacher here at ABS and I am a twice graduate of Black Hills State University with my Bachelor's degree in speech communication and theater with a minor in vocal music. My master's degree is an MBA during which I took 24 additional credit hours of accounting. I have worked for large, medium and small/startup companies such as Wal-Mart, Fresh Start and Solar Purpose. I have taught everything from kindergarten to master's level course work and have served as a volunteer children's pastor for 5 years in South Dakota USA where I am from. I came to Thailand in March 2017 to work with the Karen people of northern Thailand as a missionary and also to teach which is one of my passions in life. I am happy to be working at ABS and feel God has lead me here for a purpose.
Carl Nicholls

Teacher: Carl Nicholls
Subject: Grade 5 Science
Email: Teacher Carl

I'm originally from England but I've been living in South East Asia for the last seven years. I've been working in Malaysian Borneo, Indonesia, and Koh Lanta in the south of Thailand as a Scuba Diving Instructor. Aside from diving, I enjoy cooking, travel and listening to music. I graduated from the University of Sussex with a degree in Experimental Psychology. I am very much looking forward to sharing my passion for science with the 5th graders!

Teacher: Maddie Barry
Subject: Grade 6-7 Engish
Email: Teacher Maddie

Hi, I am Maddie Barry, the 6th and 7th grade English teacher. I worked with 9th grade last year and enjoyed the school, students, and fellow staff members! I am from Minnesota, USA and attended college in Boston, MA for Business, although I believe teaching will continue to be my passion and career. I love playing futbol and sometimes break a sweat with the students on the playground during break times. Excited to be here again! Thanks.
Nikon Chaocharoenpon

Teacher: Nikon Chaocharoenpon
Subject: Grade 6-7 Math
Email: Teacher Nikon

My name is Nikon. My last name is a little tricky, Chaocharoenpon (pronounced: Chao-cha-roen-pon). I graduated from Cornerstone University in Michigan, USA, and I will be a math teacher in Ambassador Bilingual School. Here is something you should know about me:

I was born and raised in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Even though I am not very talkative at first, I am very friendly to everyone. Art is my hidden specialty, so it is safe to say that I can be creative. I love to paint and draw in my free time as well as play the guitar.
Jennie Cuetara

Teacher: Jennie Cuetara
Subject: Grade 6-7 Science
Email: Teacher Jennie

Hello! My name is T. Jennie, I am the Grade 6 and 7 Science teacher! I'm from California in the United States and have a degree in Ecological, Evolutionary and Organismal Biology. When I'm not teaching, you can find me outdoors enjoying the sunshine! I love to hike, do yoga, swim and travel! I am very excited to be living in Chiang Mai and and to teach at ABS. My goal this year is to share my excitement for science with my students and to help them achieve the most out of their education!

Teacher: Neill Dixon
Subject: Grade 6-9 Social Studies/Geography
Email: Teacher Neill

Teacher Neill grew up on the coast of California and graduated with a political science degree. With this incredibly useful degree in hand, Teacher Neill spent the next 30 years wandering the earth. He has lived in Israel, London, Las Vegas, Alaska, Prague, the south of Spain, Ireland and Koh Samui, working a variety of jobs from fish gutter, school bus driver, tour guide, infantry soldier, court stenographer, farm hand and personal driver. He hopes this experience lends itself to teaching students at ABS where he teaches geography and social studies. In his spare time, Teacher Neill enjoys reading, cinema, annoying his two children (ages 11 and 6), body weight training and power naps.

Teacher: Rob Clarke
Subject: Grade 8-9 Science
Email: Teacher Rob

Hello I'm Rob from the UK! Nature, food, travel and photography are few of my favourite things, oh and SCIENCE IS AWESOME!
Robert Dumas

Teacher: Robert Dumas
Subject: Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II
Email: Teacher Robert

Biography coming soon.

Teacher: Karen Suksabai
Subject: Grade 8-9 English
Email: Teacher Karen

I have been living and working in education in Chiang Mai for over ten years. My personal philosophy is that students need to be actively engaged in order to learn effectively. I am currently studying for a Masters of Education at Assumption University, Bangkok. In my spare time, I like to hang out with my two kids.

Teacher: Joe Grzebyk
Subject: Grade 10-12 English
Email: Teacher Joe

Biography coming soon.

Teacher: John Tristan
Subject: World History and World Religions
Email: Teacher John

Biography coming soon.

Teacher: Sam Reongjareonsook
Subject: Biology, Chemistry I, and
Chemistry II
Email: Teacher Sam

I graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Biology from Houghton College, New York in 2013, and completed my TEFL certificate at Chiang Mai University in 2015. I began teaching at ABS in 2016 - before, I worked in corporate finance for two years and also spent some time as a freelance translator. As a dual Thai-American citizen who has lived extensively in both countries, I've experienced firsthand the different approaches Western and Asian schools have towards the sciences. Giving students the tools to succeed in both systems is one of my highest priorities.

Teacher: Nate Perkins
Subject: Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, and Fundamental Math
Email: Teacher Nate

"Teacher Nate graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Portland, Oregon in 2012 and worked in the private engineering sector for three years before moving to Chiang Mai. He received his TEFL diploma in May of 2016, and was hired by ABS to teach English. He transferred to math and has been in the math department since July of 2016."

Teacher: Matthew Sawyer
Subject: Grade 7-12 Writing
Email: Teacher Matthew

My name is Matthew Sawyer and I was born in Cambridge, England. I studied Film at Stirling University in Scotland and the University of Irvine, California. I used to work in the film industry as a Producer and Production Manager before deciding that a much needed change in career was needed. I love connecting and working with people on a daily basis, and so I couldn't be happier working as a writing teacher at ABS – bettering the students writing skills both creatively and academically.

Teacher: Allison Kent
Subject: Grade 1-5 Art
Email: Teacher Allison

Hello, I am Teacher Allie. I graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a degree in Communication. I love reading, writing, meditating, hiking, and arts and crafts! I am excited to be teaching art in beautiful Chiang Mai.

Teacher: Will Langston
Subject: Grade 6-12 Art
Email: Teacher Will

Hello, my name is Will Langston. I was born in Buffalo, New York and graduated from the College of Charleston in 2015 with a Bachelors in Studio Art. I majored in drawing and printmaking with an emphasis on education. I love teaching art and having an open classroom where every idea has value is my mission. I look forward to creating awesome artwork with the students here at ABS in Chiang Mail!

Teacher: Stephen Bagley
Subject: Grade 1-4 ESL
Email: Teacher Steve

Hello. My name is Stephen Bagley. I was born in England. I came to Thailand with my wife in 2006. and have lived in Chiang Mai for eleven years. I got my English degree at Manchester University and also studied at Payap University. After completing the English teaching courses, I began teaching. I teach ESL Grades 1-4 as well as tutoring Grade 1 to adult for ABS.

Teaching is my passion. When not teaching I enjoy reading,watching movies, old and new, and a role playing game (MTG).
James Gormley

Teacher: James Gormley
Subject: Grade 2-4 ESL
Email: Teacher James

Biography coming soon.

Teacher: Kaitland Grassing
Subject: Grade 5-6 ESL and IELTS
Email: Teacher Kaitland

My name is Kaitland Grassing From Niagara Falls, Canada. Kaitland has studied many different subjects, including a Bachelor's of Psychology and a Degree in Food Science. Kaitland is a passionate vegan with a goal of teaching and improving the lives of young minds. Her hobbies include exercising, baking, golfing, and snowboarding. She enjoys traveling and immersing herself in other cultures, including learning French, Mandarin Chinese and Thai language. In the future, she plans to be a leader in health sciences informing others about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Teacher: Jade Moss
Subject: Grade 7-10 ESL
Email: Teacher Jade

Biography coming soon.

Teacher: Norman Sinsuan
Subject: Grade 7-10 ESL
Email: Teacher Norman

Biography coming soon.
Tim Ellis

Teacher: Tim Ellis
Subject: Grade 7-9 Reading and Writing
Email: Teacher Tim

Hello! My name is Tim and I come from Boston in the USA. I am very happy to escape the cold and live here in Chiang Mai. I try to combine the right amount of fun and work in my lessons to engage the students. In my free time I enjoy swimming, fishing, hiking, and traveling.

Teacher: Janet Schreiber
Subject: Grade 7-12 Reading
Email: Teacher Janet

Biography coming soon.

Teacher: Luis Araneta
Subject: Grade 1-5 Computers
Email: Teacher Luis

have been teaching primary students about computers in ABS since 2015. I have a degree in Behavioral Science from the University of Santo Tomas and a certificate in IT Fundamentals and Game Development from the University of the Philippines. I love learning about technology and hope to inspire students to want to get into the field of computer studies.

Teacher: Kevin Gorospe
Subject: Grade 6-12 Computers
Email: Teacher Kevin

Biography coming soon.
Connor Middleton

Teacher: Connor Middleton
Subject: Grade 1-4 Physical Education
Email: Teacher Connor

Hello my name is Connor Middleton and I am from the United States. I'm 26 years old and have been working in education for the last 4 years as a high school social studies teacher, preschool Montessori teacher, and even a scuba diving instructor in the south of Thailand on Koh Tao. My hobbies include playing the guitar, scuba diving, riding my motorcycle, and traveling. I moved to Chiang Mai about two weeks ago but have spent about a year in Thailand traveling. I look forward to working with the students at ABS and helping to make this is a great place for all the students and staff.

Teacher: Gabe Wolf
Subject: Grade 5-12 Physical Education
Email: Teacher Gabe

Biography coming soon.
Heather Lee

Teacher: Heather Lee
Subject: Grade 1-6 Chinese
Email: Teacher Heather

Biography coming soon.

Teacher: Jenefa Gorospe
Subject: Primary Nurse
Email: Teacher Jen

Biography coming soon.

Teacher: Cecilia Jeong
Subject: Secondary Counsellor
Email: Teacher Cecilia

Biography coming soon.

Teacher: Charlotte Sinsuan
Subject: Secondary Counsellor and Youth Club
Email: Teacher Charlotte

Biography coming soon.

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