Semester Overview

Grade 1
Academic Year 2017/2018



Teacher Les


Term 1





1 Introductions.

Phonetic alphabet.

Short ‘a’ sound.

Letter blend  ba, ca, fa, ha, ma, na, pa, ra, sa.

Capitalise names.

Bat, fan, cat
2 Correct sentences.

Characters in a story.

Letter blend  -ap and  -at.

Use of has and have.

Map, fat
3 Short ‘i’ sound.

What are nouns?

Use of ‘the’ before a noun.

Big, pin
4 The  ‘ck’ sound.

Three parts of a story.

Back, clock
5 Short ‘o’ sound.

Use of capital letter and full stop in a sentence.

Use of –ed endings to show the past tense.

Dog, hot
6 The ‘all’ sound.

Sentences about places.

Wall, call
7 Short ‘e’ sound.

The exclamation mark.

Comparison of the ‘i’, ‘a’ and ‘e’ sounds.

Pen, bed
8 The ‘th’ sound.

Show that people, places and things are all nouns.

Question words – who, what, where, when, why.

Three, math
9 Short ‘u’ sound.

Letter blend  -un  and  -us.

Use of comma and ‘and’.

Bun, cup
10 Review
11 Midterms
12 The ‘ng’ sound

Letter blend  -ing and  -ong.

Use of ‘is’ and ‘are’.

Use of ‘will’.

Sing, song, wing
13 The ‘or’ sound.

Capitalise special names.

Door, core
14 The ‘sh’ sound.

Letter blends bl-, cl-, fl-, gl-, br-, cr-, fr-, gr-.

Shop, shoe, dish
15 The ‘ch’ sound.

Days of the week.


Three parts to a story.

Chip, catch
16 Months of the year.

Today, tomorrow, yesterday.

January, February
17 The ‘ar’ sound.

Names of holidays.

Verb  +ing.

Car, farm
18 Words that begin with ‘qu’.

Words that begin with ‘wh’.

Correct use of ‘I’ and ‘me’ with verbs.

The ‘er’, ‘ur’, ‘ir’ sound.

Queen, wheel
19 Review
20 Finals



Term 2


21 Correct use of ‘he’, ‘she’, ‘it’ and ‘they’.

Writing invitations.

The ‘le’ letter blend to make the ‘ul’ sound.

Bottle, giggle
22 Write a personal letter.

Use of  -oa to make the long o sound.

Boat, soap
23 Use of  -ow to make the long o sound.

Use of adjectives.

Use  -ee  and  -ea to make the long e sound.

Row, bow
24 The order of adjectives.

Use of  -ai  and  -ay  to make the long a sound.

Sail, pain
25 Use the silent e to make a long vowel sound. Make, cone
26 Use of the silent e to make the long ‘i’ and the long ‘a’ sounds.

Use of ‘if’.

Bike, smile, cake
27 Review
28 Midterms
29 Christmas show
30 Christmas Holiday
31 Sentence order when using  -ed  and  -ing  verb endings.

Introduce comparatives and superlatives.

Use of ‘but’ with comparatives and superlatives.

Use of the silent e to make a long ‘o’ sound.

Bone, rope
32 The ‘j’ sound as made by –ge.

Use of ‘he’s’ and ‘she’s’ contractions.

Bridge, nudge
33 Use of the silent e to make the long ‘u’ sound.

Correcting mistakes in past tense sentences.

Use of ‘y’ and ‘igh’ to make the long ‘i’ sound.

High, sky
34 Use of ‘had’

The spelling of plural nouns when the singular ends with y.

Use of the ‘ow’ sound in words like cow and now.

Cow, crown, town
35 Use of ‘ow’ and ‘ou’ to make the ow sound.

Use of verbs with adjectives in the past tense.

Cloud, hound
36 Spelling of comparatives and superlatives when the adjective ends with y.

Describing weather.

Words that use ‘oo’.

The ‘oo’ sound as made by ‘ew’.

Boot, food
37 Words that use ‘old’ and ‘ild’.

Categorizing words according to sound.

Cold, wild
38 Elicit all sounds seen during grade 1.

Elicit words and associated adjectives seen in grade 1.

Review past and present tenses.

39 Review
40 Finals



Teacher Steven


Term 1




Spelling words

1 Introductions, short ‘a’ sound

·         Learn classroom rules

·         Blend letters ‘da’, ‘ca’ etc.

·         Capitalize Names

Day, eat, was, time, make, the, fan, cap, we, are
2 Short ‘a’; full stop, capitalize name, sentence order

·         Implement various activity structures

Her, line, new, day, eat, ham, map, fin, see, get
3 Spelling, name sentence structure, reading comprehension, introduce short ‘i’ sound

·         Alphabetical order

·         Use of ‘the’

·         Story comprehension

Be, food, grow, live, many, her, water, she, pin, sick
4 Alphabet identification, learn ‘ck’ and ‘s’, “naming part of sentence

·         Rhyming

·         Three parts of story

Arms, feet, use, school, way, fast, milk, hot, kick
5 Phonetic ‘t’ and ‘o’ vowel sound

·         Confidence development

·         Speaking in class

Animals, cold, fish, from, under, very, arms, sand, boy, ball
6 phonetic ‘all’ ; question mark

·         Spelling

·         Identification

·         Comprehension

Came, happy, made, saw, pig, grass, tall, fall, one, two
7 Short ‘e’ ; sentence structure

·         Exclamation mark

·         When to use

Fly, need, play, rain, air, log, hen, you, red, black
8 Phonetics ‘th’ sound; Question words

·         Who, what, when, where, why

·         Long and short answers

·         nouns

Put, say, came, read, books, math, bath, bug, into, well
9 Short ‘u’

·         letter blend

·         blend ‘un’ and ‘us’

·         use of comma and ‘and

About, books, family, name, work, play, fun, hog, hug, truck
10 Review
11 Midterms
12 Phonetics ‘ng’ sound

·         letter blend

·         is and are

·         will

·         team story

Room, of, books, duck, bird, sing, wing, song, and, jump
13 Phonetics ‘or’ sound

·         Capitalize special characters

·         When and where ‘but’

For, more, form, store, sort, stop, fish, yellow, now, why,
14 Phonetics ‘sh’

·         Blending various sounds

·         Bl, cl, fl, gl, br, cr, fr,gr

·         Questions with clues

·         Phonetic listening skill development

Three, our, time, shop, room, shut, wish, rush, saw, ask
15 Phonetics ‘ch’

·         Days of the week

·         Three part story

·         “I think…”

Hurry, sky, door, about, chin, chip, catch, watch, from, had
16 Calendar

·         Today, tomorrow, yesterday

·         guessing

Four, dry, holes, move, our, farm, arm, art, park, car
17 Phonetics ‘ar’ sound

·         holiday names/ implications

·         verbs  with ‘ing’

Open, gone, quit, quick, quiz, when, tired, wheel, just, brown
18 Qu and Wh

·         use of I and me

·         Confidence builder drill

Light, nice, her, fur, bird, first, girl, over, put, stop
19 Review
20 Finals


Term 2


21 He, she, it and they

·         Invitations

·         Letters

·         Speak about friends

Hello, love, brown, city, hand, handle, wig, wiggle, little, room
22 Personal letter

·         Begin homophones

Eyes, listen, talk, low, grow, slow, road, soap, bow, toad
23 Ow sound to make long o sound

·         Thank you letter

·         Use ee and ea lone e sound

Colour, toes, feet, slow, seat, over, hair, train, meat, black
24 Silent ‘e’ to make long vowel sound

·         How many–questions

Earth, table, play, wait, door, say, day, mouse, rain, sail
25 Sentence structure with ed and ing verb endings

·         Introduce superlatives and comparatives

·         Use of buy

·         Silent e to make long ‘o’ sound

Baby, pools, done, house, came, gate, lake, take, four, for
26 ‘J’ sound with ‘ge’

·         Double meaning words

·         contractions

Took, blue, able, like, line, nine, mine, five, six, seven
27 Review
28 Midterms
29 Silent e to make long u sound

·         Past sentence corrections

·         ‘y’ and ‘igh’ to make long ‘I’


Able, hope, rope, rode, rose, those, walk, home, nose, banana
30 Christmas Holiday
31 Usages of ‘had’

·         Plural nouns with singular ends

·         ‘Ow’ sound

·         Usages of used

Front, sorry, boy, nice, table, race, ice, page, mango, pencil
32 Spelling comparatives and superlatives when adjective ends in y.

·         Describe weather

·         The ‘oo’ sound

Garden, wish, work, cute, cube, tube, rule, Monday, Sunday, today
33 ‘old’ vs ‘ild’

·         Word categorization

·         Sound recognition

Cold, full, off, try, light, use, frog, sock, lion, shoe
34 Verb identification

·         Sentence identification of verbs

Turn, under, how, hurt, down, out, over, next, up, below
35 Research reports

·         Identify topics

·         Begin research report

Clown, flower, owl, towel, town, funny, happy, hurry, sad, angry
36 World travel

·         Identify countries

·         Characteristics of countries

Loud, house, boot, tooth, grew, soon, bedroom, bathroom, food, kitchen
37 Elicit all sounds in grade 1

·         Review of all

Army, boy, move, open, school, find, cold, most, new, old
39 Review
40 Finals



Teacher Les


Term 1





1 Our senses and how we use them. Senses, science tools
2 What are inquiry skills and how do we use them. Inquiry
3 How do scientists work? Investigate
4 What are engineers and what do they do. Engineer, design
5 Solving problems. Purpose, procedure
6 Different materials. Natural, human made
7 Living and non-living things. Reproduce
8 What animals need? Shelter
9 Grouping animals. Mammal, bird, amphibian, fish, insect, reptile
10 Review
11 Midterms
12 What do plants need? Sunlight, nutrients, soil
13 Plant parts. Root, stem, leaf, flower, seed, fruit
14 Comparing different plants. Cone, shrub
15 Different environments. Salt water, rain forest
16 Food chains. What eats what
17 Make an environment for animals. Design to meet needs
18 Rocks and soil Natural resource
19 Review
20 Finals



Term 2


21 Where is water? Stream, river, lake, ocean
22 Saving resources. Pollution, reduce, recycle, reuse
23 Different weather. Wind, weather, temperature
24 Observing and measuring weather. Rain gauge, weather balloon
25 Seasons. Season, weather pattern
26 What we see in the sky. Sun, star, moon, magnify, telescope
27 Review
28 Midterms
29 Christmas Show
30 Christmas Holiday
31 Changes in the sky. Shadow, phases
32 Movement of the sun. Rotate, orbit
33 Solid, liquid and gas. Matter, weight, property, texture
34 Changing matter. Mixture, dissolve
35 What dissolves in water? Separates
36 How objects move. Motion, speed
37 Changing the motion of an object. Push, pull, friction
38 Sound. Loudness, vibrate, pitch
39 Review
40 Finals



Teacher Steven


Term 1




1 General Topic

·         Addition concepts

·         Algebra. Use pictures to add to…

·         Hands on blocks.. adding to

Vocabulary/Spelling Addition bingo

Plus, add and addition

2 ·         Hands on model … Putting together

·         Hands on model… more

·         Problem solving.. model addition

Plus, add put, more
3 ·         Algebra Add zero

·         Algebra Add in any order

·         Hands on .. Put together numbers to ten

·         Addition to ten

Zero, plus add more

Put together

4 ·         Subtraction Concepts

·         Use pictures to show taking from

·         Hands on.. model taking from

·         Hands on.. model taking apart

·         Problem solving …  model subtraction

Subtraction, take minus, Taking from, less
5 ·         Use pictures and subtraction to compare

·         Hands on … subtract to compare

·         Subtract all to zero

·         Subtraction from ten or less

Subtraction, take minus, Taking from, less
6 ·         Addition strategies

·         Hands on… count doubles

·         Hands on … use doubles to add

·         Hands on, doubles plus, doubles minus

Add on, order, double,
7 ·         Add ten or more

·         Add three numbers

Add on, order, double, three numbers
8 ·         How do you solve subtraction problems

·         What strategies  can you use to subtract

Minus, less, take away, subtract
9 ·         Think addition to help you subtract

·         How to make a ten to help you subtract

Minus, less, take away, subtract
10 Review
11 Midterms
12 ·         Addition and subtraction relationships

·         Problem solving .. Add and subtraction

·         How adding and subtraction undo each other

·         Equal and not equal

Add , subtraction, plus minus more less

Equal, not equal.

13 ·         Compare numbers

·         Hands on … greater than

·         Hands on…. less than

Add, difference, fewer, greater than, less than, more, sum,
14 ·         Compare numbers

·         Hands on algebra… use symbols to compare ….. <>      =

·         Problem solving… compare numbers

·         Hands on .. 10 less,   10 more

Add, difference, fewer, greater than, less than, more, sum
15 ·         Two digit addition and subtraction

·         Add and subtract within 20

·         Hands on… add 10

·         Hands on … subtract 10

Add, difference, fewer, greater than, less than, more, sum
16 ·         Make a 10 to add and subtract.

·         Use place value to add

Fewer, more, difference
17 ·         Measurement

·         How to measure a length and tell the time

·         Indirect measurement

·         Use nonstandard units to measure length

Long, longest, short shortest. Same.
18 ·         Time to the hour

·         Time to the half hour

·         Tell time to both half and the hour

Hour, half hour, hour hand, minutes, minute hand. Half past.
19 Review
20 Finals



Term 2


21 ·         Relationships

·         Adding and subtracting correlations

·         Applying relationships

How the same numbers in a subtraction and addition problem can help to solve eachother.
22 ·         Relationships in a different form

·         Vertical problems vs horizontal

·         Impressing various ways to present problems.

Having the problems be in the vertical form vs the horizontal form.
23 ·         Continuing on relationships

·         Showing the triangular representation

Have a triangle showing the relationships with all the numbers
24 ·         Applying relationships to develop own problems

·         Creating their own problems of addition and subtraction

Creating problems beginning with the answer
25 ·         Patterns

·         Counting forward patterns

1,2,3,4,5,6,7 etc.

99,100,101,102 etc

26 ·         Ones and tens places

·         Impressing the ones and tens place



27 Review
28 Midterms
29 ·         The hundreds place

·         Impressing the hundreds place

30 Christmas Holiday
31 ·         Comparing numbers

·         Greater than

·         Less than

32 ·         Addition

·         With 2 digit numbers

Larger numbers requiring carrying the one
33 ·         Subtraction

·         With 2 digit number

Larger numbers requiring borrowing the 1
34 ·         Relationships between addition and subtraction

·         Using larger numbers to show relationships

Showing the relationship between the numbers using larger entities.
35 ·         Measurement

·         Tools and applying

How to measure what its used for and applying it to real life
36 ·         Representing data

·         Various types of graphs

·         How to read

Using graphs to show ways data can be represented. Pie, bar etc
37 ·         3 dimensional geometry

·         Show various 3 dimensional shapes

·         Combining shapes

Giving them a physical representation of various shapes
38 ·         2 dimensional geometry

·         Describe and combining

·         Find shapes within shapes

Showing that shapes can also be 2 dimensional and showing how to apply and uses.
39 Review
40 Finals


Social Studies


Term 1





1 Family

·         Various roles within a family

·         Respecting elders

Size, relationship, family tree
2 School

·         Various roles within a school

·         What these roles do

Duties, Student, teacher, school officer, principal, cook, janitor
3 How to act within family environment

·         Showing gratitude

·         Obeying elders

·         Being polite

Environment, rolls, obeying, gratitude
4 How to act within a school environment

·         Obeying rules

·         Cooperating

·         Being generous

·         Being Sociable

Cooperate, generous, sociable
5 Benefits of being good members of family

·         Benefits of the individual

·         Benefits to the family

Benefits , trust, respect,  love
6 Benefits of being good members of the school

·         Benefits of the individual

·         Benefits to the school

Excellent, known, reputation
7 Personal talents

·         Talent?

·         Natural ability

Talent, natural, ability
8 Personal goodness

·         Developing self

Discipline, hard working, honest, responsible, helpful, kind
9 Democracy

·         What is it?

·         Who can use it?

Democracy, Participation, decision
10 Review
11 Midterms
12 Democracy cont.

·         Utilizing democracy in a functional manner

·         Various options for utilization

Meaning, decision
13 Goods and Services

·         Essential

·         Convenient

Goods, services, needs, wants


Goods and Services in Daily life

·         Paid for

·         Not paid for


Value, received

15 Proper use of goods and services

·         Reuse

·         Waste

Personal, Non-personal, waste, reuse
16 Savings

·         What is savings

·         How to save

Wants, needs, decisions
17 Expenditure

·         Spending

·         Planning

Planning, spending, expenditure
18 Work and Income

·         What is work

·         Different types of work

Salary, Benefit
19 Review
20 Finals

Social Studies


Term 2


21 Meaning of work

·         Why work

·         Who works

Money, love,
22 Importance of work

·         Benefits to society

·         Benefits to family

Benefits, society, economy, progress
23 Our environment

·         What is our environment

·         Physical change of environment

Object, provide
24 Our environment Cont.

·         What makes up an environment

·         People in our environment

Society, country, education
25 Types of environment

·         Natural

·         Man made

Natural, man-made,
26 Types of environment cont.

·         Cultural

·         Social

Cultural, social
27 Review
28 Midterms
29 Taking care of environment

·         In the home

·         In the school

·         Outdoors

·         In public areas

Clean, comfortable, natural, pollution
30 Christmas Holiday
31 Directions

·         Cardinal directions

·         What they mean

Cardinal directions, North, East, South, West


Directions cont.

·         Describing location

·         Within a classroom



Above, under, next to, opposite

33 Distances

·         Distance within a classroom

·         Distance outside a classroom


Realistic, non-realistic, kilometer, meter, centimeter
34 Maps

·         Using a map to describe location

·         Making a map

Street, Across, near, down
35 Weather

·         Daily weather in our location

·         How landscape can impact

Landscape, weather, mountains, plains
36 Weather cont.

·         Weather around the world

·         Different kinds of weather patterns

Hurricane, tornado, lightning
37 Weather Cont.

·         Impacts weather has on our society

Climate, smoke,  health, natural disasters
39 Review
40 Finals




Term 1





1 It’s my body

·         Introduce body vocabulary

Hip, leg arm, neck, head, knee, toe, torso, shoulder
2 Taller and heavier

·         Growth and development in the life cycle

Baby, child, teenager, adult, elderly
3 When I grow up

·         Different professions within society

·         Explanations of each profession

Counselor, chef, doctor, musician, artist, astronaut, police officer, scientist
4 Keeping fit

·         Various activities to stay physically

fit and healthy

Jogging, reading, swimming, playing games, basketball, soccer, rope skipping
5 Keeping fit cont.

·         Various activities that will not help you to be physically fit and healthy

Video games, reading, eating, sleeping, playing board games.
6 Sit up straight

·         The correct posture

·         How to implement the correct posture

Good posture, poor posture
7 Nice and Clean

·         How you can get dirty

Perspiration, mess, shower, illness, habits
8 Nice and Clean Cont.

·         How you can get clean

·         Habits to form to help keep clean.

Hygiene, wash, clip, fresh, rested, habits.
9 Treasure your teeth

·         Baby and Adult teeth

·         Why teeth fall out

·         Various methods of baby teeth removal

Adult, baby, growth,
10 Review
11 Midterms
12 Keeping teeth clean

·         Teeth hygiene

Brush, floss, multiple
13 Keeping teeth clean cont.

·         Consequences of poor dental hygiene

Chocolate, chips, cavity, removal


Watch Out!

·         General safety around familiar places

Stairs, balcony, slip, balance, caution


Fire! Fire

·         Dangers of fire

·         How to spot dangerous fires

·         Adult supervision at all times

Flammable, matches,

Candle, breeze, window, danger

16 Playing with water

·         Dangers of water

·         Adult supervision of all times

Drown, Choke, Dangerous, pond, rough play
17 Street Safety

·         Crossing the street safely

·         Physical demonstration and practice

Overhead bridge, underpass, zebra crossing, crosswalk, traffic lights, vehicles
18 Body safety

·         Don’t put items in nose, ears, mouth, eye

Blind, ear canal, poke, ear drum.
19 Review
20 Finals



Term 2


21 House safety

·         Dangers of other peoples medicine

·         Dangers of a knife

Medicine, knife, cut, slice, fever, illness
22 Going home alone

·         Stranger danger

·         Getting help from Safe people

·         Using routes you know

·         Avoid dark unlit areas

Stranger, alone, bus station,  shortcuts, unlit
23 Be Careful!

·         Stranger danger

·         Stranger scenarios

Free candy, kidnap, fight, scream, scratch, kick, punch.
24 Should I go with them

·         Safe people

·         Not safe people

·         Stranger danger

Decision, pledge, stranger, safe
25 Feelings

·         What are feelings

·         Why do I feel these

Happy, sad. Silly, scared, angry, excited, at peace, at ease, surprised
26 How do I feel

·         How does this make me feel

·         Bullying

·         Posotive and negative emotions

Teased,  positive, negative, bullying
27 Review
28 Midterms
29 What can I do?

·         Being helpful

·         Noticing somebody needs help

·         Offering help

Stuck, frustrated, activity, shout, enjoy
30 Christmas Holiday
31 Personal Space

·         good ways to touch somebody

·         bad ways to touch somebody

·         Where never to touch

Good touch, bad touch, Never touch.
32 Personal space cont.

·         Touch by strangers, Stranger danger

·         Bullying

Scared, angry, sad, cautious
33 What can I do

·         Stranger danger protection

·         Scream, fight etc.

·         Things to yell

Prevention, protection, secure, safety
34 Being safe at home

·         Home alone

·         When to open door and not to

Strangers busy, unable, allow, lock
35-36 Being safe in public

·         Seek trusting people if alone

·         If lost seek employee

·         Never go anywhere with a stranger

Hurt, harm, missing, cautious.
37-38 When to wash hands

·         Sick

·         Before eating

Cough, virus, bacteria
39 Review
40 Finals


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