Grade 1 – Week 22 Summary

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Grade 1 English and Science
Teacher Les Elliot

Welcome back to our second semester. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday.

We are now back into our regular routine. The second semester is a little bit different. There are many special events are holidays. We work very hard in the first semester so we always make sure that we complete all the work in the year.

This week in English we will look at the le at the end of words like little, bottle and juggle. We are also writing longer pieces. We wrote a party invitation last week and now we will try to write some thank you letters. This gives the children lots of chances to think for themselves.

In science we will look at a very important topic. We will talk about pollution. Then we will look at how we can try to reduce, reuse and recycle to try to make pollution less of a problem.

We are not here on Tuesday but we will be having the spelling test as usual on Friday.



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phonics week 18 ow

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