Grade 10 – Week 15 Summary

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Grade 10 English
Teacher Chris Bonner

This week we begin a new reading lesson to teach vocabulary, comprehension, and a little bit about Greek Mythology. Each week, we will read one chapter, greatly edited and condensed, from the story ‘The Odyssey’. Each chapter will include a discussion and a quiz. Upon completion of our epic tale, students will have the opportunity to select a short story about any mythological figure that they would like to read about; such as Hercules, Prometheus, Icarus, etc. Lessons in grammar and writing will continue to follow the outline of the book.

Next week is also Science Week. The English schedule may relax to accommodate the Science activities.

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Grade 10 Biology
Teacher George Perry

To coincide with Science Week, students in Biology will be taking part in their own project. Students have been assigned into four groups and have been asked to make a presentation at the end of the week. Students were allocated their groups the week before, so they have plenty of time to plan and prepare, and work with their colleagues to produce a satisfactory outcome.

The topic of the presentation the students must prepare is “What is Life?”, and other selected questions such as:

– Why study life?

– How do we study life?

– What are the origins of life?

– What is the future direction of life?

Albeit, students are encouraged to come up with and supply answers to their own questions as part of their presentation.

These questions and this topic are all related to Biology, as opposed to other major branches of science. All the questions included in this topic are a summary of the areas we’ve covered so far in the course: the nature of science, ecology and macro-biological systems, the history of the diversity of life. This serves as a decent summary to signpost about 2/3rds of the annual course completion, before we move onto the next themes that are mostly centred around anatomy, botany, and zoology.

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Grade 10 Algebra II
Teacher Robert Dumas


    • Simplify nth roots
    • Finding all real roots of radical expressions
    • Multiply and divide radical expressions
    • Rationalize the denominator to remove radicals in the denominator
    • Use the product and quotient rules of radicals to simplify expressions


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