Grade 10 – Week 3 Summary

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Grade 10 English
Teacher Chris Bonner

In the second week, we completed our first grammar lesson (compound nouns and sentence structure), as well as our first quiz. Quizzes will be graded, and reviewed with the students on Monday. A summary of the results will be presented in the summary for week four.

We began using our newly arrived textbooks in week three; with lessons in reading, vocabulary, and both questions and answers, as well as interactive discussions to evaluate comprehension. While each book level (Grade 10, 11, and 12) offer different reading and writing materials, the format for each chapter is the same.

Students will also begin to use their newly learned (or reviewed) knowledge of sentence structure in their first writing lesson: the descriptive paragraph. Different writing lessons occur at the end of each chapter, which will be of particular use to those students testing with IELTS or TOEFL, or preparing a university application.

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Grade 10 Biology
Teacher George Perry

Students are now well-equipped to understand why we separate science into the three branches of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics when studying at high school level and above, and then what it means to study biology, and some of the things that biologists do.

This week, we’ll start to ‘connect the dots’ as we delve into the principles of ecology, covering aspects of:

– Organisms and their relationships

– Flow of energy in an ecosystem

– Cycling of Matter

Vocabulary Words:

    • ecology
    • biosphere
    • biotic factor
    • abiotic factor
    • population
    • ecosystem
    • biome
    • habitat
    • autotroph
    • heterotroph
    • herbivore
    • carnivore
    • omnivore
    • detritivore
    • matter
    • nutrient


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Grade 10 Algebra II
Teacher Robert Dumas


    • Finding the solutions to a system of linear equations via graphing
    • Emphasize that graphing provides an approximate solution
    • Solving systems of linear equations by algebraic means; substitution and elimination

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