Grade 10 – Week 22 Summary

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Grade 10 English
Teacher Chris Bonner

Next week we continue with the travels of Odysseus in Books VI and VII with the first quiz of the new semester. We also begin reading Books VIII and IX. Grades 10 and 12 will present their writing homework on either a personal experience or a fictional narrative, respectively. Grade 11 will begin their writing assignment, based on the text lesson of ‘Crime Scene Investigation’. The weekly grammar lesson continues with a review of modal and subjunctive verbs. High school students will also participate in a club, or join a study hall on Friday afternoon. Lastly, Class 10A, ‘The Disco Deer’, has chosen to perform the song ‘Disco Santa Claus’ for the ABS Christmas celebration.

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Grade 10 Biology
Teacher Nate Mojon

This week, Grade 10 will be reviewing some of the information covered last week about the structure of our lessons and how we are graded. We will then be reviewing Cell Biology and introducing a lot of new vocabulary. I’m very excited to see how much everyone remembers from previous years of Science!

Cell, Organelle, Cell Membrane, Nucleus, DNA, Ribosome, Protein, Organisation, Golgi Apparatus, Vacuole, Cell Wall, Endoplasmic Reticulum, Cytoplasm, Vesicle, Mitochondrion/Mitochondria, Chloroplast

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Grade 10 Algebra II
Teacher Robert Dumas


    • Simplify rational expressions into simplest form
    • Multiply and divide rational expressions
    • Add and subtract rational expressions
    • Review graphs of conic sections
    • Identify conic sections


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