Grade 11 – Review and Exam Week

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Grade 11 English
Teacher Chris Bonner

Nouns and Articles
   Singular and Plural
   Countable and non-countable

   Cumulative and Coordinating
   Comparatives & Superlatives

Sentence Structure
   Simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex sentences

Reading comprehension:
   Crime Scene Investigation

   Academic and Literary words found in the above stories.

Writing a descriptive paragraph (and demonstrate grammar and punctuation)
   Writing a persuasive text

   Apostrophe, Capitalization, Colon, Comma, Hyphen, Parentheses,
   Dash, and Ellipsis

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Grade 11 Physics I
Teacher Siri Sawangjai

  1. Calculation using SI units and measurements
  2. Understand and can describe motion in terms of
    • displacement
    • distance
    • velocity
    • acceleration
    • time
    • free fall
  3. Interpret, synthesize, and analyze graphical data represented in terms of displacement,
   velocity, time, and acceleration.
  4. Can all kinematic equations to calculate distance, time, or velocity under conditions of
   constant acceleration.
  5. Relate free fall motion with constant acceleration.
  6. Compare different objects in free fall.
  7. Calculate displacement, velocity, and time at various points of motion of freely falling
  8. Case scenarios from lab practices

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Grade 11 Math Foundations
Teacher Neill Dixon

1. Equations:
  • Solving multi-step algebraic equations
  • Linear Equations

Grade 11 Pre-Calculus
Teacher Nic Hansen

  ● Numerical Trigonometry
    ○ Radian and Degree of Measurement
    ○ Unit Circle
    ○ Right angle Trigonometry
    ○ Trig functions of any angle.
    ○ Graphs of Sine and Cosine
    ○ Graphs of other trigonometric functions
    ○ Inverse trigonometric functions
    ○ Application of Bearings
  ● Analytical Trigonometry
    ○ Using fundamental identities
    ○ Verifying identities

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