Grade 2 – Week 34

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Grade 2 English
Teacher James Canning


Week 34

This week we will be reviewing forms of be and synonyms.

The spelling words will be Vowel Variant /oo/ou. We will be using picture dictionary to make sentences from the spelling words and drawing pictures to illustrate each sentence.

We will be continuing our project on the coral reef, this week we will be writing a letter about the problems the Coral Reef is facing and possible solutions to fix these problems.

We will continue The Travelling Bear, the theme this week is The Coral Reef.

Homework will be on Tuesday and Thursday.

The spelling test will be on Friday..


  1. book       6. would
  2. should         7. look
  3. took        8. could
  4. stood       9. good
  5. crook         10. shook

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Grade 2 Science
Teacher Roy Smith

This week we will begin the topic of “Changes in Matter” Matter can have different properties. Matter can be a solid, a liquid or a gas. Properties of matter can change.


Vocabulary Words for this Weeks Science

Matter – Anything that takes up space and has mass.

Mass – Is the amount of matter in an object.

Solid  Is the only state of matter that has its own shape.

Liquid – Is a state of matter that takes the shape of its container.

Gas – Is a state of matter that fills all the space in its container.

Homework will be assigned Thursday and due Friday.


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Grade 2 Math
Teacher India Gray

For Math this week, we will be completing our unit on graphing. The students will be taking a chapter review/test to demonstrate their understanding of tally charts, picture graphs and bar graphs. After finishing chapter 10, we will be introducing a new unit on geometry and fractions. We will spend some time reviewing geometric figures and where we can find these shapes in the environment around us.

This week in Creative Writing will be a review of Unit 4. These words will all focus on the long /i/ vowel and the suffixes -ed & -ing. We will work on several activities that ask the students to use their understanding of word definitions and spellings from past weeks.
This week’s spelling words:
being, street, week, people, clean, please, very, funny, write, white, find, eye, tiny, why, high, tie, dropped, stopped, running, hopping

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