Grade 2 – Week 38 Summary


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Grade 2 English
Teacher James Canning

This week we will continue to look at helping verbs.

The spelling words will be a cumulative review from the last few weeks.. We will be using picture dictionary to make sentences from the spelling words and drawing pictures to illustrate each sentence.

We will be doing our project on the coral reef, this week the students will be finishing off their letters about the problems the Coral Reef is facing and possible solutions to fix these problems.

Homework will be on Tuesday and Thursday.

The spelling test will be on Friday..


  1. took                6. all
  2. should            7. chalk
  3. draw               8. steak
  4. caught            9. neighbor
  5. fought           10. great


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Grade 2 Science
Teacher Roy Smith


This week will be continuing the topic of “Energy and Magnets” Heat, light and sound are all forms of energy. Magnets attract some objects and repel others.


Vocabulary Words for this Weeks Science

Magnet – A piece of iron or steel that possesses the properties of attracting certain metals.

Attract – To pull things closer. Magnets attract to each other when the opposite poles are placed next to each other.

Repel  To push things away. Magnets repel each other when the same two poles are placed together.

Poles – The two ends of a magnet where the pull is the greatest. One pole is the north and the other is the south.


Homework will be assigned Thursday and due Friday.




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Grade 2 Math
Teacher Jennie Kim

This week we will continue with Chapter 11. We will move on to lesson 11.8. We will start the lesson on learning about equal parts. We will discuss halves, thirds, and fourths of a whole. On Friday we will have a test on the week’s lessons. We will also discuss what we will be reviewing in order to prepare for the final test.


Let’s have a great week!

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