Grade 2 – Week 15 Summary

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Grade 2 English
Teacher James Canning

This week we will be continuing to learn about possessive nouns.

The spelling test words will have the consonants sounds /s/c;/j/g,dge . We will be using picture dictionary to make sentences from the spelling words and drawing pictures to illustrate each sentence.

Traveling bear- From this week we will have a theme for the bear, the children will need to write a made up adventure relating to the theme. This week it will be ‘Under water adventure’. If your child has the bear please help them write a few sentences in the book. The children will have this explained to them in class.

We will continue with writing skills and reading comprehensions.

Homework will be on Tuesday and Thursday.

The spelling test will be on Thursday.


  1. slice         6. space
  2. dodge         7. gem
  3. city         8. price
  4. huge          9. cage
  5. nice          10. fudge


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Grade 2 Science
Teacher Roy Smith

This week we will begin the topic of “All About Plants” All plants need certain things to live and grow. These things are called basic needs. Plants have parts that help them grow.


Vocabulary Words for this Weeks Science

Flower – The part of the plant which can hold pollen and make fruit.

Leaf – The part of the plant which takes in air and sunlight.

Stem  The stem holds the plant up. Food and water travel through the stem to get to the other parts of the plant.

Roots – Holds the plant in the soil and takes in minerals from the ground.


Homework will be assigned Thursday and due Friday.

Homework will be assigned Thursday and due Friday.



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Grade 2 Math
Teacher Jennie Kim

This week we will continue with chapter 4. On Tuesday we will begin lesson 4.3 – breaking apart addends as tens and ones. We will practice grouping by tens and ones. The students will show grouping numbers by using blocks or drawings. We will introduce adding 2-digit numbers. We will prepare and get ready for the practice test the following week.

Let’s have a great week!


Grade 2 International Creative Writing
Teacher Jennie Kim

This week we will begin lesson 10 – more words with short o. We will practice word groups and words with more than one meaning. We will read the story “At the Supermarket” as a class and fill in the blanks. The traveling bear will be sent home and brought back on Friday for the presentation.

Spelling Words:
box, wash, rock, spot, want, drop, clock, stop, chop, ox, pond, shop

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