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Throughout the semester, we have been updating the website with week by week information on what the students have been learning. Please choose from the weeks below.

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Week 2

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Grade 3 English
Teacher Mark Jones

 This week we will be covering words that end in ed and ing also we’ll be looking at the difference between questions and statements. Reading comprehension (Identifying the main idea and supporting details).

Spelling Words Week 2
1.   saved
2.   moved
3.   riding
4.   waking
5.   pulled
6.   taking.
7  . hopped
8.   baking
9.    picked
10.  having
11.  letting
12.  running
13.  drawing
14.  folded
15.  shopped


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Grade 3 Science
Teacher Michael Fitzpatrick

This week we will look at A look at how scientists investigate different questions that that the come across during their experiments.

The key vocabulary we will be working with this week will be:


Graduated cylinder


On Friday we will have a pop quiz that will contribute to the student’s midterm and final grade.

Let’s have a great week.

Teacher Michael


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Grade 3 Math
Teacher Constance McDaniel



Grade 3 Art
Teacher Emily Barnes


Hello Parents and Teachers!

I’m the new primary Art Teacher at ABS and need your help! For future creative projects in the classroom I need to make a collection of recycled items. Could you please start collecting cardboard tubes, toilet roll tubes, cardboard boxes, plastic bottle lids, yogurt pots, drink cartons, straws, and plastic bottles… other items you think could be used are most welcome.


Please make sure all items are clean before dropping them off at the art room or you can give them to me at morning assembly.

Thank you so much,

Teacher Emily


Previous Weekly Summaries

Week 1

English Banner 2

Grade 3 English
Teacher Mark Jones

This week we will be looking at sentence structure: identifying the subject and verb also understanding their function within the sentence. Additionally we will cover the association of short vowel sounds with the correct letters. Furthermore,over the next 2 weeks I intend to evaluate each students reading level and assign reading practice based on their ability. Finally we’ll review and practice the correct conjugation of the verb to be.

Week 1 Spelling Words;
this, went, jump, still, last, dust, tell, drop, shut, lamp, stop, felt, drink, clock, stand.


Science Banner 2

Grade 3 Science
Teacher Michael Fitzpatrick

In our first week back we will start to look into the different processes that scientists use to conduct experiments.

Let’s have a fantastic first week
T Mike


Math Banner 2

Grade 3 Math
Teacher Constance McDaniel


Previous Weekly Summaries

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