Grade 4 – Week 15 Summary

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Grade 4 English
Teacher Justin Clark

This week’s spelling words all end in ‘on, ‘ain’ ‘en’ and ‘en’. These endings are often
pronounced the same way so knowing the individual spelling for each word is very
important. More words will be learnt on Tuesday in comprehension, Reading and grammar
on Wednesday, practice our writing skills on Thursday, and as per usual the spelling test
and weekly review Friday. This week’s grammar will cover the use of apostrophes. Our
main focus again will writing sentence in the past tense along with plural nouns and adding
“s” to verbs. All fourth grade students should at this point in the semester be able to
correctly write full sentences including all of the following; nouns, pronouns, adjective,
verbs, adverb, prepositions, and phrases. If any student can not identify these words I
would suggest private tutoring in English grammar.

Spelling words this week:
Apron, button, canyon, certain, chicken, cardigan, cotton, dragon, even, fountain, gallon,
horizon, listen, orphan, pardon, pollen, prison, siren, swollen, driven

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Grade 4 Science
Teacher David Yoon


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Grade 4 Math
Teacher Tyrone Bissell


This week is the final week covering Chapter 4: Divide using 1-Digit Numbers. During this week students will build on model division using regrouping, by learning to determine where to place the first digit (should the divisor be greater than the first digit in the dividend). Critical thinking skills will be assessed this week when students cover the unit: Problem Solving – Multistep Division Problems, which combines the skills learned during Chapter 4 and the CUBES method of problem solving which was taught in week 3.

On Monday, 20 August – the students will write the Chapter 4 Review/Test. Please make sure that your child has something to keep themselves quietly occupied should they finish the test early.

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