Grade 4 – Week 3 Summary

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Grade 4 English
Teacher Justin Clark


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Grade 4 Science
Teacher David Yoon



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Grade 4 Math
Teacher Tyrone Bissell

Week 3 sees the students learn how to add and subtract whole numbers, as well as learning strategies to approach word problems by identifying important numbers and determining the keywords. By determining a word problem’s keywords, a student will be able to choose the appropriate Math operation to be performed.

On Thursday, 24 May, the students will take the Chapter 1 Review Test which covers all the subchapters in Chapter 1: Place Value, Addition and Subtraction to One Million.

Lastly, students will be adding a Word Problem entry into their Math Journals to round off the week.

Kind Regards,

Tyrone Bissell


Grade 4 Art
Teacher Emily Barnes


Hello Parents and Teachers!

I’m the new primary Art Teacher at ABS and need your help! For future creative projects in the classroom I need to make a collection of recycled items. Could you please start collecting cardboard tubes, toilet roll tubes, cardboard boxes, plastic bottle lids, yogurt pots, drink cartons, straws, and plastic bottles… other items you think could be used are most welcome.


Please make sure all items are clean before dropping them off at the art room or you can give them to me at morning assembly.

Thank you so much,

Teacher Emily


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