Grade 4 – Week 22 Summary

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Grade 4 English
Teacher Aidan O’Brien


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Grade 4 Science
Teacher David Yoon

In week 21 we discussed the way the Earth moves through space, and more specifically how the Earth orbits the Sun. Now that we have a general knowledge of the rotation vs revolution of the Earth and it’s orbit around the Sun, it is time for us to visit our closest neighbor, the moon. In week 22, the students will learn about our moon. Its size, its composition, the reason for its texture, as well as its lack of air and water. Then we will learn about the different phases of the moon and why they occur. To end the week we will learn about the lunar calendar and the affect it has had on many cultures.

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Grade 4 Math
Teacher Tyrone Bissell

We welcome all returning students and new students back to school this week.

We start a new chapter this week “Fraction Equivalence and Comparison” in which we start to explore fraction models, and how to compare fraction models to see if they are equivalent. Students will also learn how to generate equivalent fractions using multiplication. Friday sees the return of Math Journal Day – where the students will create pages in their Math Journals based on what has been learned during the week.

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