Grade 5 – Week 15 Summary

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Grade 5 English
Teacher Conor Booth

In English, we will be studying.

“Salty on the High Seas”
 • Plural Possessive Nouns
 • Irregular Plural Possessives
 • Conventions

Spelling Words: development, dispensable, capable, digestible, divisible, irresistible, admissible, appointment, argument, apartment, reputation, betrayed, bellowing, amusement, judgement

In Health, we will be exploring pollution and health.

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Grade 5 Science
Teacher Carl Nicholls

On Tuesday the students will be taking the Unit 4 Science test. For the rest of the week, we will be learning about environments and ecosystems. The vocabulary words for the week are environment, biotic, abiotic, ecosystem, population, community, competition, limiting factors, habitat and niche.

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Grade 5 Math
Teacher Nicholas Hansen

    • Decimal multiplication drills and review
    • Review for chapter 4 retest
    • Chapter 4 retest
    • Chapter 5 unit 1 – Dividing decimals by factors of 10


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