Grade 5 – Week 21 Summary

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Grade 5 English
Teacher Conor Booth

“Dennis the Chicken Man”

  • Matilda
  • Vocabulary
  • Spelling Test
courteous, hazardous, humorous, monstrous, curious, furious, glorious, delirious, ridiculous, extravagant, gourmet, precarious, embarked, attendant, hesitant.

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Grade 5 Science
Teacher Carl Nicholls

This week we will be learning about the Earth’s crust and how it’s movements affect the Earth. The vocabulary for the week is plates, plate tectonics, boundary, rift, fault, earthquake, focus, epicenter, tremor, seismograph, volcano, magma and lava.

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Grade 5 Math
Teacher Nicholas Hansen

    • • Pass out books and review class rules.


    • • Create visual fractions strips to help learning.


    • • Adding fractions using fraction strips


    • • Subtracting fractions using fraction strips


    • Least common denominator & common denominators


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