Grade 5 – Week 3 Summary

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Grade 5 English
Teacher Conor Booth

“Walt Helps Out”
 • Character Motives
 • Sentence Parts: Predicates
 • Variant Vowels
 • Word Choice
 • Complete and Simple Subjects

Fantastic Mr. Fox -Chapter 5 + 6

Spelling Words: desperately, sneered, indignantly, urgently, grudgingly annoying, browse, ointment, deafening, keen.

In Social Studies, we will begin the geography unit and start by focusing on the geography of Thailand.

In Health, we will be looking at personal hygiene.

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Grade 5 Science
Teacher Carl Nicholls

This week we will be learning about the scientific method and the different types of experiments that can be conducted. The vocabulary words for the week are – scientific methods, experiment, variable, control, repeated observation, model, hypothesis, line graph, circle graph, diagram and bar graph.

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Grade 5 Math
Teacher Nicholas Hansen

    • Expressions
    • Writing expressions
    • Evaluating expressions
    • Grouping symbols
    • Chapter 1 Test


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