Grade 5 – Week 38 Summary


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Grade 5 English
Teacher Danielle Diedrich

This is our last week of regular classes, so we’ll be finishing Matilda and putting the finishing touches on our story projects!

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Grade 5 Science
Teacher Carl Nicholls

This week we will be learning about the Earth’s surface – what the Earth is composed of, plate tectonics, the formation of geographical features, earthquakes and volcanoes. The vocabulary words are – crust, mantle, core, plates, plate tectonics, boundary, rift, fault, earthquake, focus, epicentre, tremor, seismograph, volcano, magma and lava.

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Grade 5 Math
Teacher Nicholas Hansen

● Cubes and Volume
● Area and Volume calculations
● Training and drills on area and volume
● Review for the Chapter 11 Test
● Test

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