Grade 6 – Week 38

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Grade 6 English
Teacher Maddie Barry


The objective of this week is to learn new vocabulary, while continuing to practice daily grammar improvement. We will focus on creating poetry: limericks, haiku, free-verse, and shape. We will also be practicing reading and speech within our class novel.

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Grade 6 Science
Teacher Darrius Serrant


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Grade 6 Math
Teacher Nikon Chaocharoenpon

Ch. 13: Variability and Data Distributions

This week students will conclude chapter 12 by examining outliers and its effects. Then, students will explore the last chapter on variability and data distributions. They will learn another mean of presenting information: box plot. Finally, they will learn data distribution using mean absolute deviation. Students will learn, explore, and apply the followings:

  • Effects of Outliers
  • Box Plots
  • Mean Absolute Deviation

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