Grade 6 – Week 15 Summary

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Grade 6 English
Teacher Daniel Notargiacomo

This week, students will be working on Lesson 13 in their English books.

    – The spelling words for the week are: captain, foreign, people, medal, peddle, natural, veteran, usual, pigeon, beckon
    – The vocabulary words for the week are: disoriented, haphazardly, imperative, optimistic, premonition, recede, remorse
    – Students will take notes on, and infer main ideas from, Chapter 9 of A Series of Unfortunate Events as we read together in class, then independently write a summary using their notes.

Tuesday’s homework is to complete A Series of Unfortunate Events Chapter 9 summary notes worksheet.

Thursday’s homework is to study for the spelling and vocabulary tests.

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Grade 6 Science
Teacher Darrius Serrant

Unit 2: Earth’s Biomes and Ecosystems / Ecology

Lesson 2: Aquatic Ecosystems (Freshwater Ecosystems)

Vocabulary Words

    Subject Words freshwater, wetland, salinity, estuary, bog, marsh, swamp, tide, pond, river, stream, lake, mixture, support, flow

    Support Words mature (ad/v), immature, filter, collect, enclose, erode, erosion, excess, influence, saturate, diverse, form, resist

Students will begin their study of aquatic ecosystems, focusing on the characteristics of several freshwater ecosystems.

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Grade 6 Math
Teacher Nikon Chaocharoenpon

Ch. 5 Percents

This week we will continue our lessons on percent. Students will learn to convert percents to fractions and decimals and vice versa. At the end of the week, students will take a mid-chapter test. Students will learn, explore, and apply the followings:

    – Write Percents as Fractions and Decimals
    – Write Fractions and Decimals as Percents


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