Grade 7 – Week 38 Summary


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Grade 7 English
Teacher Siri Sawangjai

This week, grade 7 will review all of the topics we’ve learned since Week 34 – 37 in the forms of Sentence building/analysis. We’ll review all of these topics by playing Jeopardy and Family Feud.

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Grade 7 Science
Teacher Jennie Cuetara

This week in science we will look at how engineering, technology and society affect each other.

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Grade 7 Math
Teacher Nikon Chaocharoenpon

Ch. 12 Experimental Probability
Ch. 13 Theoretical Probability

This week, students will do a probability scavenger hunt project. This project will enable students to utilize what they have learned from both experimental and theoretical probability in real life. At the end of the week, students will present their project to the whole class.

    – Probability Scavenger Hunt Project


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