Grade 7 – Week 22 Summary

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Grade 7 English
Teacher Vang Xiong

This week, we will be exploring perception and reality. The students look at images, stories, words, and news in the media. The students will identify the perceptions in these medium and justify their reasoning. The vocabularies are: perception, reality and homographs.

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Grade 7 Science
Teacher Nate Mojon

This week, Grade 7 will be finishing up a game that we started last week and we will begin learning about some famous Scientists from the past. We will be approaching this in the form of reading comprehension exercises which will help us improve our skills in reading. We will then be looking at the role of women in the STEM field. From there, we will be making interesting posters to decorate our classrooms about these amazing women who have changed the world that we live in!

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Grade 7 Math
Teacher Nikon Chaocharoenpon

Ch. 8 Modeling Geometric Figures

This week students will continue constructing triangles using protractor. Then, they will take a mid-chapter test. After that, we will explore the topic of cross sections of three-dimensional figures. At the end of the week, students will study angle relationships, a very foundational topic for geometry. Students will learn, explore, and apply the followings:

    – Cross Sections
    – Angle Relationships


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