Grade 7 – Review and Exam Week

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Grade 7 English
Teacher Vang Xiong

  • What is perception?
  • How does images show perception? Look at a picture and justify why someone might
   see something and another person might see another.
  • What is homograph?
  • Draw a picture, define the words, and write a sentence for homographs

Perception in Story
  • Read a story and identify how the character’s perception changed in the story

Perception in Nature
  • How does animal show perception?
  • What is camouflage?
  • What is deception

Perception in Songs
  • How does song show perception?

Perception in Debate
  • Choose a side in a debate and argue for your side by using three supporting details

Retelling a Story

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Grade 7 Science
Teacher Nate Mojon

Part 1:
Science lab materials
  • List and identify materials used in a science lab
  • Describe the function of specific materials used in a science lab
  • Be able to compare precision and accuracy

Part 2:
Water and the Water Cycle
  • Label a water heat curve
  • List states of matter
  • List names for the changes in state
  • Describe the behaviour of water molecule in the different states
  • Label different parts of the water cycle

Part 3:
Surface and Groundwater
  • Describe surface and groundwater
  • Describe vocabulary

Part 4:
  • List the names of oceans and seas

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Grade 7 Math
Teacher Nikon Chaocharoenpon

Ch. 8 Modeling Geometric Figures
  1. Use the scale to determine the actual dimension of a drawing
  2. Use a protractor and a compass to create triangles
  3. Identify cross sections
  4. Angle Relationships: complementary, supplementary, adjacent, vertical

Ch. 9 Circumference, Area, and Volume
  1. Circumference and area of a circle
  2. Area of composite figures
  3. Find surface areas of composite figures
  4. Find volumes of composite figures

Ch. 10 Random Samples and Populations
  1. Populations, random samples, and biased samples

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