Grade 8 – Week 3 Summary

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Grade 8 English
Teacher Alexandra Kern

This week we will start Unit 1, Reading 2 in the textbook and workbook. The reading focuses on the relationship between living and nonliving things in the natural world. The spelling and grammar lesson will focus on regular plurals and comparison structures.

The vocabulary words for this lesson include:
 • Nonliving
 • Nutrients
 • Organism
 • Photosynthesis
 • Reproduce
 • Species

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Grade 8 Science
Teacher Ian Innocenti

This week we will be going over the circulatory and respiratory systems. The student will be expected to understand the major working organs in the respiratory and circular systems, and the vocabulary.


    • Lymphatic system
    • Lymph
    • Lymph node
    • Artery
    • Capillary
    • Cardiovascular system
    • Blood
    • Vein
    • Respiratory system
    • Pharynx
    • Larynx
    • Trachea
    • Bronchi
    • Alveoli


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Grade 8 Algebra I
Teacher Neill Dixon

This week we conclude our first unit with studying negative scientific notation and operations. We will have a review of the entire unit with a big test on Thursday, covering all material studied so far this year. Finally, on Friday, we begin a new unit on proportional relationships.

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