Grade 8 – Week 22 Summary

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Grade 8 English
Teacher Alexandra Kern

This week we will start Unit 4, Reading 2 in the textbook and workbook. The unit asks, “Can we see change as it happens?” The grammar lesson will focus on the importance of synonyms in writing, as well as using will or won’t to make predictions about the future. We will also continue our reading book, Holes by Louis Sachar.

The vocabulary words for this lesson include:

    • Conflict
    • Foreshadowing
    • Achieve
    • Consequence
    • Impact
    • Incident
    • Injured
    • Outcome


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Grade 8A + 8B Science
Teacher Ian Innocenti

This week in science class the lesson will be on weathering and erosion. The first part of the week we will be studying different types of physical weathering on different types of rocks. The students will be expected to learn the different types of physical weathering. In the later part of the week we will be covering different types of chemical weathering. We will do an experiment to show the effects of acid rain on different types of rocks. By the end of the week the student will know the difference between weathering and erosion. The students will also know the differences between chemical and physical weathering.

Grade 8C Science
Teacher George Perry


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Grade 8 Algebra I
Teacher Neill Dixon

This week we conclude our unit on angles with a quiz and then proceed to launch into the Pythagorean Theorem. Learn it or fail!!! (Luckily it’s pretty simple). Now calculating sides of a triangle should be a breeze – as is finding the distance between two points, even if they aren’t on a nice horizontal or vertical line. Handy!

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