Grade 8 – Week 15 Summary

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Grade 8 English
Teacher Alexandra Kern

This week we will begin our Holes reading project. Students will design a postcard that deepens their understanding of the book and its characters. The postcard will represent the life of Stanley Yelnats from his experience at Camp Green Lake. We will also continue our vocabulary lesson from the previous week.

The vocabulary words for this lesson include:

    • Character motivation
    • Suspense
    • Considerable
    • Displayed
    • Objective
    • Participate
    • Previous


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Grade 8 Science
Teacher Ian Innocenti

This week in science class the students will be learning about sound how it’s made and how it travels. This week is also the week of the science fair. All of the students will be expected to have completed their projects, displays, and research papers. The students will be setting up their displays for the school and showing the other students their projects on Friday.

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Grade 8 Algebra I
Teacher Neill Dixon

A sad week: After an epic struggle, we conclude our solving systems of linear equations unit with a review on Monday and a test on Tuesday. No more substitution! No more solving for variables! I sense tears welling. On Wednesday we veer radically to a new subject: Transformational geometry. Get those pencils sharp and rulers and protractors ready!!

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