Grade 8 – Review and Exam Week

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Grade 8 English
Teacher Alexandra Kern

  • Students will be asked to demonstrate knowledge of vocabulary by matching definitions
   and filling in the blanks.

  • Students will be asked to demonstrate grammar knowledge by using possessive adjectives
   with nouns and pronouns to show ownership, capitalizing proper nouns, identifying
   conjunctions, and utilizing the present perfect tense.

  • Students will be asked to determine the correct spelling of vocabulary words through
    multiple choice questions.

Reading Comprehension
  • Students will be given an excerpt from the textbook reading and will be asked questions
   that demonstrate students’ reading comprehension and critical thinking skills.

  • Students will be asked to demonstrate writing skills through a general writing prompt.

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Grade 8A + 8B Science
Teacher Ian Innocenti

  • Geosphere
  • Atmosphere
  • Hydrosphere
  • Cryosphere
  • Biosphere
  • Weathering (chemical and physical)
  • Erosion and deposition by water
  • Erosion and deposition by wind, ice, and gravity
  • Soil formation

Grade 8C Science
Teacher George Perry

Earth’s Spheres and Earth Systems
  • What is the Earth System?
  • Earth’s Spheres:
    o What is the geosphere?
    o What is the hydrosphere?
    o What is the cryosphere?
    o What is the atmosphere?
    o What is the biosphere?
  • How do Earth’s spheres interact?
    o By exchanging matter
    o By exchanging energy
  • Earth’s energy budget

  • What is weathering?
  • Physical weathering:
    o Temperature change
    o Pressure change
    o Animal action
    o Wind, water, and gravity
    o Plant growth
  • Chemical weathering:
    o Reactions with oxygen
    o Reactions with acid precipitation
    o Reactions with acids in groundwater
    o Reactions with acids in living things

Erosion and Deposition by Water
  • How does flowing water change Earth’s surface?
    o By erosion
    o By deposition
  • Inland Erosion: What factors relate to a stream’s ability to erode material?
    o Gradient
    o Load
    o Discharge
  • Inland deposition: What landforms can streams create?
    o Canyons and Valleys by Erosion
    o Floodplains by Deposition
    o Deltas and Alluvial Fans by deposition
  • Inland groundwater erosion
  • Coastal Erosion:
    o Waves
    o Currents
    o sea cliffs and wave-cut platforms
    o sea caves, arches, and stacks
  • Coastal Deposition
    o Beaches
    o Sandbars and Barrier Islands

Erosion and Deposition by Wind, Ice, and Gravity
  • How can wind shape Earth?
    o Abraded Rock
    o Desert Pavement
    o Dunes
    o Loess
  • What kinds of ice shape Earth?
    o Flowing Ice
    o Alpine Glaciers
    o Continental Glaciers
  • How can gravity shape Earth?
    o Slow Mass Movement
    o Rapid Mass Movement

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Grade 8 Algebra I
Teacher Neill Dixon

1. Properties of Triangles
  • Total of angles = 180
  • Pythagorean Theorem
  • Distance Formula

2. Volume
  • Spheres
  • Cones
  • Cylinders

3. Scatter Plots and Two-Way Tables

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