Grade 9 – Week 38 Summary

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Grade 9 English
Teacher Karen Suksabai

This week, we will continue the topic – How does the sky influence us? The word study includes acronyms, and the grammar lesson will feature cause & effect structures – because, so, since. We will conclude the reading book – A Long Walk to Water with a discussion on culture shock.

Key & academic words

    • base, crater, lunar, mine, universe, voyage
    • research, promote, issues, investigate


    • Study for vocab test on Friday.
    • Complete unfinished exercises in workbook from Unit 6, Reading 4


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Grade 9 Science
Teacher Ian Innocenti

This week in science class we will be studying chemical reactions and organic chemistry. The students will be learning how to identify chemical reactions, how chemical reactions are modeled, and how chemical reactions are affected by the low of conservation of angular momentum. Later in the week the students will get an introduction into organic chemistry. We will learn how organic molecules form and we will be going over CHONPS. We will also learn how organic compounds are classified and how different compounds are formed. The students will also need to learn the vocabulary for the week.


    • Chemical reaction
    • Chemical formula
    • Chemical equation
    • Reactant
    • Product
    • Endothermic reaction
    • Exothermic reaction
    • Organic compound
    • Hydrocarbon
    • Organic acid


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Grade 9 Geometry
Teacher Robert Dumas


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