Grade 9 – Week 3 Summary

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Grade 9 English
Teacher Karen Suksabai

This week’s topic continues with the impact of change on people’s lives, and the reading topic will focus on historical fiction and the emancipation of women during the 1800s. The word study will tackle double consonants, and the grammar lesson will focus on sequence words such as first, next, then & finally.

Literary words

    • plot, conflict

Academic words

    • achieved, attitudes, discrimination, illegal.

We will also continue our reading book – Coraline by Neil Gaiman – by analysing themes in chapter 3.


    • Study for vocab test on Friday.
    • Complete unfinished exercises in workbook from Unit 1, Reading 2.


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Grade 9 Science
Teacher Ian Innocenti

This week we will cover different types of evidence for evolution. Fossil evidence, structural evidence, genetic evidence, and embryological evidence. The students will be expected to demonstrate knowledge of the different types of evidence and know and understand the vocabulary words.

Vocabulary words

    -Fossil record


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Grade 9A Geometry
Teacher Robert Dumas


    • Investigate angle relationships when lines intersect
    • Define relationships between angles and give them specific names
    • Discuss perimeter, area, circumference of polygons and circles
    • Using the distance formula to determine perimeter and area on the coordinate plane


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