Grade 10 – Review and Exam Week

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Grade 10 English
Teacher Franky de Kock

Section A: Vocabulary (20 Marks)
Students will be given various questions on the “Academic- and Key Words” from our Textbook

Section B: Reading Comprehension (20 Marks)
Students will be given a news article to read and answer questions about the article

Section C: Grammar (20 Marks)
Mix of grammar and word study questions covered this term
Error Correction (Punctuation, Capital Letters, Grammar, Spelling)

Section D: Writing (10 Marks)
Writing a persuasive paragraph by giving your opinion about a subject and use facts to convince the reader that your opinion is correct.


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Grade 10 Biology
Teacher Noland Flores

Units from the Workbook

  • Section 4.1: Chemical Energy and ATP
  • Section 4.2: Overview of Photosynthesis
  • Section 4.4: Overview of Cellular Respiration
  • Section 5.1: The Cell Cycle
  • Section 5.2: Mitosis and Cytokinesis
  • Section 5.3: Regulation of the Cell Cycle
  • Section 5.4: Asexual Reproduction
  • Section 5.5: Multicellular Life
  • Section 6.1: Chromosomes and Meiosis
  • Section 6.2: Process of Meiosis
  • Section 6.3: Mendel and Heredity
  • Section 6.4: Traits, Genes and Alleles
  • Section 6.6: Meiosis and Genetic Variation
  • Section 8.1: Identifying DNA
  • Section 12.6: Primate Vocabulary

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Grade 10 Algebra II
Teacher Robert Dumas

Topic 1

    1. Solve equations by the method of Completing the Square
    2. Solve cubic equations by factoring the sum and difference of cubes
    3. Use the quadratic formula to solve for the roots, zeros of quadratic equations
    4. Use the Rational Root Theorem and the Remainder Theorems to solve polynomial equations
    5. Use long division and synthetic division to solve polynomial equations
    6. Write a polynomial in factored form

Topic 2

    1. Simplify nth root radical expressions
    2. Multiply and Divide radical expressions
    3. Add and Subtract Binomial Radical expressions
    4. Multiply and Divide Binomial Radical expressions
    5. Solve problems by rationalizing the denominator
    6. Simplify expressions with rational exponents


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