Grade 12 – Week 16 Summary

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Grade 12 English
Teacher Franky de Kock

 1. Work through Keystone Handbook, Page 176 – 189
 2. Workbook Page 86 – 92
 3. Prepare to Read. Review and Practice. Grammar and Writing

Vocabulary Words:
 • Benefit
 • Illustrate
 • Instructions
 • Signify

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Grade 12 Physical Science II
Teacher Ian Innocenti

This week in science class the students will be learning about electricity and electric charge and fields. The students will learn the different units used in electric equations. The students will learn about static electricity and how the effects it has on different objects. They will learn some of the variables that affect an electric force. The students will learn about different ways that electricity is used in different situations. The students will learn about the differences and similarities between electrical gravitational and magnetic fields. We will talk about how fields are used in everyday life and how they are affected by them. The students will be expected have a basic understanding of fields and how why can be used in different situations.

Grade 12 Physics
Teacher Robert Dumas


    • Introduce photon as quanta of energy
    • Discuss Planck’s ground-breaking approach to reconciling classical physics model to experimental observations
    • Discuss emission and absorption spectra of elements
    • Discuss photoelectric effect developed by Einstein
    • Discuss threshold frequency and work function regarding emission of photons


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Grade 12 Business Math
Teacher Vik Rajendra

A. Learning Objectives
  By the end of the week, students will be able to
  1   Review worksheets on Income statements
  2   Class Quiz on Segmentation and Positioning

B. Summary of Activities
  1   The class would be presented the theoretical overview of the LO topics on-screen
  2   Worksheets including short scenarios will be given to all students to test their
   understanding of the concepts
  3   Students will be placed into groups to discuss various scenarios
  4   Students will take turns to present their cases for discussion
  5   The students will test their own understanding with MCQ worksheets

Grade 12 Calculus
Teacher Nic Hansen

    • Implicit differentiation
    • Applying the chain rule in implicit differentiation
    • Finding second derivatives using implicit differentiation
    • Breaking the primary function into smaller functions to isolate ‘y’


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