Grade 2 – Week 22 Summary

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This week we will be learning about adjectives.

The spelling words will be digraphs /n/kn;/r/wr.. We will be using picture dictionary to make sentences from the spelling words and drawing pictures to illustrate each sentence.

Traveling bear- We will be doing a theme on coral reefs and the habit that lives there. If your child has the bear please help them to write a few sentences in the book. The children will have this explained to them in class. Every Friday each student who has written in the book will do a short presentation to the class about their adventure with The Travelling Teddy Bear.

We will continue with writing skills and reading comprehensions.

Homework will be on Tuesday and Thursday.

The spelling test will be on Friday.


  1. knot         6. wrap
  2. wrong         7. knife
  3. know         8. tough
  4. wreck          9. phone
  5. graph        10. laugh





This week we will continue the topic of “Earth and Its Resources” Changes can occur to Earth’s surface. People need Earth resources like rock, plants and water.


Vocabulary Words for this Weeks Science

Natural resource – Is anything from nature that people can use

Rock – A rock is a nonliving part of Earth which is hard and contains minerals.

Minerals  A mineral is old, hard and nonliving. These are found in rocks.

Product – Something that is made by people or machines for people to use.


Homework will be assigned Thursday and due Friday.


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This week we will complete a short review of the previous term and begin working in our Volume 2 book and practicing telling time. We will begin telling time to the hour, half hour, and 5 minutes. We will also introduce using different ways to talk about time, using vocabulary such as quarter past, half past, and quarter to. 

Creative Writing:
This week we will be working on Unit 16: more words with long /a/. We will review material from the previous week and introduce new spelling patterns for long /a/. We will also practice using homophones and dictionary skills. Our story this week is called “The Letter” and students will use their new spelling words to complete the reading. The traveling bear will be sent home on Tuesday and our spelling test and bear presentation will be on Friday.

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