Grade 2 – Week 16 Summary

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This week we will be learning about pronouns. 

The spelling test words will have the r-controlled vowel sound. We will be using picture dictionary to make sentences from the spelling words and drawing pictures to illustrate each sentence.

Traveling bear- We will continue the theme ‘Under water adventure’. If your child has the bear please help them to write a few sentences in the book. The children will have this explained to them in class. Every Friday each student who has written in the book will do a short presentation to the class about their adventure with The Travelling Teddy Bear.

We will continue with writing skills and reading comprehensions.

Homework will be on Tuesday and Thursday.

The spelling test will be on Friday.


  1. fur         6. turn
  2. shirt         7. herd
  3. burn         8. third
  4. stir          9. learn
  5. bird         10. search

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This week we will begin the topic of “Environments for Living Things” Living things meet their needs in their environment.


Vocabulary Words for this Weeks Science

Prey –  Something that can be hunted or killed for food by something else.

Omnivore – An animal that eats both plants and animals.

Adaptation  A body part or a way an animal acts that helps it stay alive.

Camouflage – A way some animals hide from other animals.

Homework will be assigned Thursday and due Friday.


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In Math this week we will be continuing with 2-digit addition and practicing how to break apart numbers to made the addition easier. We will also show the strategy of compensation when adding. We will then begin regrouping with 2 digit by 2 digit addition problems.

Creative Writing
This week we will begin Unit 13: Words With Short /u/. Our words will address the short /u/ sound, spelled with ‘u’ and ‘o’. We will talk about antonyms and synonyms and practice rhyming words. We will also read our weekly story called, “Day Camp – What Fun!” and the students will use the spelling words to finish the sentences.
Spelling Words: sun, under, club, run, bug, from, mud, summer, bus, us, up, cut, of, but

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