Grade 6 – Week 38 Summary (Review Week)

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Grade 6 English
Teacher Rachel Royles

This week we will continue solidifying knowledge of when we use the past continuous tense vs past simple. Students will also complete a graded writing assignment based on their experiences during the past school year. The end of the week we will complete further practise for the continuous tense as well as vivid and sensory word usage


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Grade 6 Science
Teacher Darrius Serrant


Human Impact on the Atmosphere

Vocabulary Words / Subject Words
Atmosphere, greenhouse effect, air pollution, particulate, pollutants, ozone, smog, acid precipitation, air quality.

Unit 4, Lesson 3 (Human Impact on the Atmosphere). Discussion about how human’s actions affect the atmosphere of the planet. Understanding of how human beings use land and how this usage affects the soil.



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Grade 6 Math
Teacher Jen Forrister



Ch. 13: Variability and Data Distributions

This week students will conclude chapter 12 by examining outliers and its effects. Then, students will explore the last chapter on variability and data distributions. They will learn another mean of presenting information: box plot. Finally, they will learn data distribution using mean absolute deviation. Students will learn, explore, and apply the followings:

  • Effects of Outliers
  • Box Plots
  • Mean Absolute Deviation

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