Grade 6 – Week 11 Summary

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Grade 6 English
Teacher Rachel Royals

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Grade 6 Science
Teacher Darrius Serrant

Vocabulary Words

producers, consumers, decomposers, food chain, food web

Introduction to the food chain and the food web.


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Grade 6 Math
Teacher Jen Forrister



Ch. 4: Ratios and Rates

This week we will begin the new unit on ratios and rates. This unit contains 3 chapters: ratios and rates, percent, and units of measure. In this chapter, first, we will explore ratios, rates, and unit rates. Then, we will extend the concept to algebra, using equivalent ratios. Students will learn, explore, and apply the following this week:

  • Investigate: Model Ratios
  • Ratios and Rates
  • Equivalent Ratios and Multiplication Tables

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