Grade 7 – Week 11 Summary

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Grade 7 English
Teacher Maddie Barry

The objective of this week is to correct and review the specifics of the midterm exam. We will make sure all students are caught up and ready to move on. Later, we will better understand the theory of evolution and natural selection using a project.

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Grade 7 Science
Teacher Kamina Hall

By the end of the week students should be able to:
  1. describe asexual and sexual reproduction and
  2. list the advantages and disadvantages of each.

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Grade 7 Math
Teacher Nikon Chaocharoenpon

Ch. 5: Proportions and Percent

This week we will begin the new chapter on proportions and percent. Students will first receive a review on changing decimal to percent and how to find a percent of a number, as these two are very important for computing percent problems. Then, they will explore percent of increase and decrease.Students will learn, explore, and apply the followings:

    – Percent Increase and Decrease


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