Grade 8 – Review and Exam Week

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Grade 8 English
Teacher Alexandra Kern

Students will be asked to demonstrate their knowledge of vocabulary by matching definitions, filling in the blanks, and creating their own sentences.

Reading Comprehension
Students will be given a passage and will be asked questions that demonstrate their reading comprehension and critical thinking skills.

Students will be asked to demonstrate their writing skills through a general writing prompt.

Students will be asked to demonstrate their knowledge of grammar by:
   – Identifying adverbs
   – Correcting punctuation errors
   – Identifying adverbs

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Grade 8 Science
Teacher Nikon Chaocharoenpon

1. Earth’s Layers
   • Compositional layers (crust, mantle, core)
   • Physical layers (lithosphere, asthenosphere, mesosphere, outer core, inner core)

2. Plate Tectonics
   • Evidence for continental drift (fossils, mountain ranges, glaciation, sea-floor spreading,
    ocean trench)
   • Theory of plate tectonics
   • Boundaries (convergent, divergent, transform)
   • Mechanisms of tectonic movements (mantle convection, ridge push, slab pull)

3. Mountain Buildings
   • Folds (anticline, syncline), Faults (strike-slip, normal, reverse)
   • Mountains (folded, volcanic, fault-block)

4. Volcanoes
   • Volcanic landforms (mountains: shield, cinder, composite; fissures & lava plateaus; craters
    & calderas)
   • Locations (divergent boundaries, convergent boundaries, hot spots)

5. Earthquakes
   • Earthquakes (focus, epicenter)
   • Cause (elastic deformation, elastic rebound)
   • Locations (at divergent, convergent, transform boundaries)
   • Effects (ground shaking, ground displacement, flood, fire, tsunami)

6. Measuring Earthquake Waves
   • Seismic waves (body waves: P-wave, S-wave; surface wave)
   • Measuring (seismogram, locating epicenter, magnitude, Richter scale,
    Moment Magnitude scale, intensity, Modified Mercalli scale)
   • Factors (magnitude, local geology, distance from epicenter, building construction)

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Grade 8 Algebra I
Teacher Neill Dixon

A. Exponents
   1. Multiplication of Properties of Exponents
   2. Division Properties of Exponents
   3. Rational Exponents
   4. Scientific Notation

B. Quadratic Expressions and Equations
   1. Adding and Subtracting Polynomials
   2. Multiplying a Polynomial by a Monomial
   3. Multiplying Polynomials
   4. Special Products
   5. Using the Distributive Property
   6. Solving x^2+bx+c=0
   7. Solving ax^2+bx+c=0
   8. Differences of Squares
   9. Perfect Squares

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