Grade 9 – Review and Exam Week

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Grade 9 English
Teacher Karen Suksabai

Reading Comprehension
There will be multiple choice questions from our current reading book The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas that test students’ abilities in comprehension and critical thinking.

Students will demonstrate understanding of vocabulary words by matching the words with definitions and using them in sentences. These are vocabulary words from our weekly vocabulary quizzes.

Students may be asked to show ability to correctly use the following –
   * Antonyms
   * Present perfect with for and since
   * Simple past v present perfect
   * Noun-pronoun agreement
   * Modal verb – must
   * Cause and effect structures – because, so, since

Literary Skills
Students should be able to –
   * Create a plot diagram
   * Identify antagonist, protagonist and types of literary conflict
   * Understand and identify basic symbolism

Writing Skills
Students will be asked to write two paragraphs expressing personal opinion on a topic that is related to our reading book.

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Grade 9 Science
Teacher Ian Innocenti

History of the solar system
   – Heliocentric and geocentric models of the solar system
   – Discoveries of early astronomer

Gravity and the Solar System
   – Kepler’s laws
   – Universal law of gravitation
   – Formation of the solar system

The sun
   – Layers of the sun
   – How the sun produces energy
   – Solar rotation
   – Solar activity

Terrestrial planets
   – Mercury
   – Venus
   – Earth
   – Mars

Gas giant planets
   – Jupiter
   – Saturn
   – Uranus
   – Neptune

Small bodies in the solar system
   – Dwarf planets
   – Kuiper belt objects
   – comets
   – Asteroids and the asteroid belt
   – Meteoroids, meteors, and meteorites

Days, years, and seasons
   – What causes the days, years, and the seasons

Lunar phases and eclipses
   – Relation of the Earth, Sun, and Moon
   – How do eclipses occur
   – Why does the moon change appearance

Earth’s tides
   – What causes tides
   – What are tidal ranges
   – What causes tidal cycles

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Grade 9A & 9B Geometry
Teacher Robert Dumas

Areas of Polygons and Circles
   – Solve problems involving the areas of various parallelograms and circles
   – Solve problems involving areas of trapezoids, rhombi, and kites
   – Solve problems involving the areas of circles and sectors of circles
   – Solve problems involving the areas of composite figures
Surface Area and Volume
   – Solve problems involving the surface areas of prisms and cylinders
   – Solve problems involving the surface areas of pyramids and cones
   – Solve problems involving the volumes of prisms and cylinders
   – Solve problems involving the volumes of pyramids and cones

Grade 9C Geometry
Teacher Neill Dixon

A. Transformations and Symmetry
   1. Reflections
   2. Translations
   3. Rotations
   4. Glide Reflections (combined transformations)
   5. Symmetry
   6. Dilations

B. Circles
   1. Circles and circumference
   2. Measuring Angles and Arcs
   3. Arcs and Chords
   4. Inscribed Angles
   5. Tangents
   6. Secants, Tangents, and Angle Measure
   7. Special Segments in a Circle
   8. Equations of Circles

C. Areas of Polygons and Circles
   1. Area of Parallelograms and Triangles
   2. Area of Trapezoids, Rhombi, and Kites
   3. Area of Circles and Sectors
   4. Area of Polygons and Composite Figures
   5. Area of Similar Figures

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