Grade 9 – Week 11 Summary

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Grade 9 English
Teacher Karen Suksabai

This week, we will concentrate on our reading book Coraline. Students will use textual clues to make predictions about the plot of Coraline, and then produce a storyboard to illustrate their predictions. We will discuss themes contained within chapter 6 & 7 looking at the symbolism of mirrors in literature and the use of characters’ speech to denote time periods.


    • Read chapter 6/7 of Coraline.
    • Written exercise on a theme contained within chapter 6


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Grade 9 Science
Teacher Ian Innocenti

This week in class we will be learning about several different plant processes. The students will learn the different process that plants use to get energy. The students will also learn about the reproduction processes of different kinds of plants and the plants life cycle. We will also be learning about different ways that plants respond to the environment around them and the students will be expected to learn the vocabulary for the week.


    • Cellular respiration
    • Pollination
    • Stamen
    • Pistil
    • Stimulus
    • Transpiration
    • Tropism
    • Dormant


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Grade 9A & 9B Geometry
Teacher Robert Dumas


    • Identify and use perpendicular bisectors in triangles
    • Identify and use angle bisectors in triangles
    • Identify and use medians in triangles
    • Identify and use altitudes in triangles


Grade 9C Geometry
Teacher Neill Dixon

This week we enter the wonderful world of triangles. We will get reacquainted and comfortable with types of triangles and their relationship to sides and angles before launching into interior and exterior angle theorems and congruency.

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