Ambassador Bilingual School

Student Council


Be the leader of the student body and make the school a better place by making fun activities, and adjust school environment by listening to the suggestions of the student body. To be the role model of the student body.


The student leaders will meet every Tuesday afternoon from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm. They will discuss issues they see in the school and planning new events. Each representatives will be the leader of their grade. Student leaders will be responsible for planning and preparation of events, fund raising, and participation in all events and social service opportunities.  

Mission and Vision

The mission of student council is to make the school a better place by looking at the past in order to change and overcome the future. We must encourage bravery and lead students to have dreams and be future world Leaders.


Teacher Representatives- Teacher Christopher W., Teacher Nathan C. Ritter, Teacher Pui, Teacher Sandy.

President- Jay G.12- leader of the student body.

Vice President- Sea G.10- supports the president.

Secretary- Yasmin G.11- records all information during the meeting.

Class Representatives- John G.12, Daniel G.11, Tom G.11, Risa G.11, Ice G.10, Nalisa G.10, Beam G.10, Yubin G.9, Kayleah G.7, Gina G.7, Chloe G.7, Asia G6, Ujean G.5, Focus G.5 TongTong G.5- attends all meetings and events and reports all information to the student body.



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