certificates Our school director, Mr. Preecha Suphakanchanapan, gave certificates and medals to

1. Miss Nattita Kitseranee (Boom Boom) , who participates in Malaysia Ice skate and receives 1 golden medal, 3 silver medals and 2 bronze medals and also participates in Thailand National Figure Skating Championships 2019 and receives 3 golden medals and 1 silver medal.
2. Miss Emma Jiaming Mettasit and Miss Rachel Sinly Mettasit, who participate in The 1st Bangkok Classical Music Festival and receive 1 golden medal in category of Piano-Duet, and 1 silver medal in category of Piano-Sonatina at Brighton College Bankok.

3. Mr.Pawarit Yuamrung (Thai national tennis team) who have joined the competition " LTO Junior Championship" and won the first place at National Tennis Development Center on 1-7th July, 2019.