Vision Mission


Ambassador Bilingual School aims to provide comprehensive, progressive bilingual education to help students develop into fully functioning members of both Thai and English language communities throughout the world. We seek to break down the language and cultural barriers between Thai and non-Thai speakers to help promote a more harmonious, peaceful and positive society.


  1. Develop and teach students to have the knowledge and skills and fluency in both and Thai and English communication, preparing them to be members of an international society and community.
  2. Develop and teach students knowledge and skills from the curriculum to meet the results that are at the proper school standards according to their grade level.
  3. Encourage students to be ethical and promote healthy lifestyle attributes.
  4. Develop leadership skills, encourage creativity, analytical skills, skills in discernment, and acceptance in a variety of cultures.
  5. Promote excellent health and emphasize the importance of health for students.
  6. Develop skills in technology, communication, and be kept up to date with new technologies so that students may use these skills efficiently in the future.
  7. Develop the management to be more interactive with the community in order to focus on achieving satisfactory results for the people involved.
  8. Develop the quality of the school and facilities.
  9. Develop teachers and staff skills in order to have professional standards and ethics.
  10. Develop the school to be an educational organization.


" Building Character through True Values "

" Excelling in Language and Communication skills, Upholding True Values, Advancing in academics, Preserving Thai National Heritage, and Reaching the Global Community "


Excellent in Language and Happy Learning


“ Excellent in Language ”